Elements Festival 2024 - A Resilient Celebration of Culture and Community

The Triumph Over Adversity: Elements Festival's Remarkable Journey

In recent years, the global pandemic posed unprecedented challenges for the music and festival industry. Elements Festival, amidst these trying times, displayed remarkable resilience and adaptability. Despite facing significant financial hurdles, especially last year, the festival has banded together with its dedicated community to rebuild and relaunch for 2024. This comeback story is a testament to the ambition and dedication of everyone involved, showcasing the unbreakable spirit of the Elements Festival family.

An Eclectic Blend of Talent

Elements Festival is known for its top-tier electronic music, art installations, performances and healing spaces. The music acts as a life force, cleansing and inspiring attendees, fostering connections, and sparking creativity.

The festival features four main stages, each a beacon of musical diversity. Alongside the sonic attractions, attendees can explore art galleries, participate in workshops, and enjoy leisure areas and market precincts. The festival's program, starting at 8 am each day, caters to a wide array of tastes and preferences.

Elements Festival prides itself on its diverse musical offerings. With a mix of genres across its stages and a color-coded schedule, attendees can easily navigate through their preferred musical styles, ensuring a dynamic and varied experience.

Recovery Collective and Beyond

We're very happy to see some Recovery Collective friends on the bill including Brazilian heavyweight Groove Delight who will bring her unique blend of electronic energy to the stage, while Axon's dynamic psychedelic soundscapes promise to captivate the audience. Cain's pulsating rhythms and Doppel's innovative beats are sure to be festival highlights, alongside Ebony Willis's mesmerising performances. Handsdown & Leigh Boy's powerful impacts, Taglo's melodic journey, and Unknown Concept's fresh minimal, psychedelic grooves round out this incredible collective.

Adding to the excitement, the festival boasts a diverse array of extraordinary talent. Attendees can look forward to the cutting-edge sounds of Andhim, the techno mastery of Dubfire, and the deep, melodic vibes of Guy Mantzur. Triforce's psychedelic beats, Mood Swing & Chevy Bass's groovy tunes, and Bridget's soulful rhythms will keep the energy high. The lineup also includes Smilk's unique quirky flavour, The Journey's epic soundscapes, The Oddness's quirky beats and Vorpal's electrifying performances. Zigmon, Miss Jade, Platypuss, Scionaugh, Twisted Sibling, Sumiruna, Chamberlain, Electrypnose, Mixed Business, Moontide, and last but not lest Jeffers to conclude our shout outs, each bringing their unique flair to the festival.

Join the Revival of Elements Festival

As Elements Festival 2024 gears up for an unforgettable weekend, the anticipation among the community is palpable. This year's festival is not just a celebration of music and art; it's a symbol of resilience, community, and the unyielding power of creativity. Be a part of this magical journey and witness the incredible rebirth of one of Australia's most beloved festivals.

It's time to round up the crew and head up north from Jan 25-28, 2024. The full lineup announcement can be found below. Tickets and more information can be found on the Elements Festival website here.

Disclaimer: The images used in this blog post are the property of Elements Festival and have been sourced from their official website. They have been captured by the festival's talented photographers and are used here solely for the purpose of promoting and informing about Elements Festival 2024. We do not claim ownership of these images. All rights and credits belong to their respective owners and the Elements Festival team.
November 11, 2023




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