Feature Interview: WISER.

Anywhere deep and dark is where you'll generally find WISER. An avid and long term raver from Melbourne who has been taking Australia by storm with her unique "hard dance therapy" which has also most recently expanded to European audiences after her shows in London, Ireland, Berlin and Amsterdam.

When we were putting together the lineup for our 12-hour Warehouse Rave at Toekomstmuziek for last weekend, WISER was high priority and high on our list to try get on board the party - and even better, we thought we'd catch up with her after the show to answer a few questions regarding her music, her parties, her recent tours and plans for the future.

RC: Hey hi hello! You've just embarked on your first international tour and have covered some serious ground. How has this experience been for you and what has been your highlights and inspirations so far?

WISER: Helloooo! Well it’s been pretty dreamlike that any of this has been possible after the chaos of the past two years, when I started putting the feelers out to music friends, labels I’ve released on & humans I’ve previously booked - I never imagined it  would eventuate into such a solid & varied run of shows.

Exploring new spaces & hearing some of my favourite tracks through such well rounded soundsystems has been a highlight, playing in those environments has also filled me with inspiration for the way I curate my music rather differently, and how I want to develop my parties in the future. 

The adventures have been super fun, the venues just incredible and the dancefloors dark & devious… but what we have at home in Australia is seriously world class and I cannot wait to be back amongst it.

RC: What are you looking forward to when you land back at home base?

WISER: Everything about Melbourne including the gloomy weather, cuddling my cats, being back in my studio, shit talking on the dancefloor, hearing all the new music our local producers have been making, releasing some tracks I’ve had up my sleeves, running a bunch of parties, giving people goosebumps from music, sharing all the good feelings, all of the time. 

RC: Summer in Australia is creeping up pretty quickly, how's this looking for you?

WISER: Very surreal to be honest! 

I’m heading home straight into my very own headliner, then a good old fashioned Revolver Sundays cage session followed by back to back festival appearances and plenty of shenanigans in between.

My Dazed HDT parties have been developing into something so special for my much loved hard dance community, and it’s been a delight to book (& provide artists new opportunities) for Revolver via my quarterly party SHADOWS and with our Thick as Thieves Rascal!! rave ready to start touring some handpicked internationals, it’s looking to be a wild summer.

RC: If there is any other countries you'd like to tick off on your bucket list, what would they be?

WISER: I’ve heard whispers of a pretty solid underground techno scene popping up in Japan, would be amazing to go have a peek while it’s all blossoming! 

I’ve been offered some potential future shows in Greece, Taiwan & Canada, and also have an option to play Burning Man next year should I find myself over that part of the world. I am so grateful that music has allowed me to see new places and explore new sounds, connect with all sorts of wonderful humans - but most of all it inspires me to be a better human and create more ways to empower those around me; therefore it’s not so much a bucket list of places I wanna go, but one of feelings I look forward to feeling.

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WISER's next Dazed HDT (Hard Dance Therapy) party at The Toff In Town on Friday October 28

RC: We are well aware travelling and being away from the studio for long periods of time can affect release schedules and plans, do you have any music in the works or coming that you could share with us?

WISER: I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to jump back into the studio, my chronic pain does limit how long I can sit / stand & create clearly but there are a few projects in the works that really encourage me to push through and make the most out of every spare moment in front of my speakers.

Over the past two years, John Baptiste and I have been collaborating on an EP titled ‘Venom’. We have just gotten the masters back and it’s honestly some of my favourite noises I have heard in a long time - and I am excited to announce that it’s been picked up by Vapour Recordings for release in the not so distant future.

RC: You just played at our Collusion 12 hour warehouse rave in Amsterdam, how was your experience and how was the party?

WISER: That has to be one of my favourite sets I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing - what a perfect way to end my tour. The crowd energy and attentiveness was on another level entirely, they stuck by me (very enthusiastically!) while I weaved my way through so many different musical versions of myself, to be able to play that cheeky, that heavy/fast & have such positive feedback has given me so much energy for the long ride home, and many busy months ahead. Endlessly grateful x

Ravey dancefloor vibes at the Collusion invites Recovery Collective x BNKR (18/09/22) Photo by Anahí Clemens


Tactfully blurring the line between chaos & order, WISER has torn down any expectations of how things should be done, carving her own winding path in Naarm (Melbourne, Aus) and beyond with her attention to detail, devious curation & unique performance style. A purveyor of good feelings, but selector of the darker shades of electronic music means a true WISER set can take you anywhere: from raw & unrelenting soundscapes shared in the smokiest of basements to goosebump inducing festival performances - always leaving the dance floor energised, inspired and wanting more.

Her usually genre-defying productions show a slightly softer side; melancholic, nostalgic though timeless - capturing the imagination of strangers & the attention of some of the biggest acts around the globe, many of whom she has supported across the country (and beyond). No stranger to a good time, with a strong desire to connect and support the already thriving local dance music community - WISER created DAZED HDT (Hard Dance Therapy) a heartfelt 135bpm+ rave where pushing the boundaries of personal taste is encouraged, with patrons and artists following one strict rule: ‘Do everything with kindness.’

Recently teaming up with Thick as Thieves to invent a debaucherous party and touring brand ‘Rascal!!’ & invited to curate an ongoing event series at the infamous Revolver Upstairs, alongside features in Beat Magazine, Form Mag & a peak time guest mix for Triple J, whilst feeling refreshed, inspired & ready for anything after playing multiple shows across Europe & the UK; WISER looks to the horizon with a calm knowing, that you can’t have dark without light… and the future is looking brighter than ever.







Article cover photo by Anahí Clemens

Jiayden Mills
September 21, 2022




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