rcSessions 022 | Adamson (Digital Diamonds)

Adamson, the founder of Digital Diamonds and Psychedelic Techno Outpost delivers a mix of deep, progressive and psychedelic sounds for our 22nd edition of rcSessions

Adamson and I first crossed paths at Suti Festival, here in Portugal at the end of summer. A super approachable guy and could always be found on the dance floor. He played an amazing set during the Friday afternoon session before Greenwolve, setting the tone and warming the dancefloor for what was an incredible night of music with Seb-G, Quantaloop & Evil Oil Man playing after each other. It was the second night of the festival so we were quite settled and ready to launch into full force.

Coming out of Suti, Adam and I kept in touch and he sent me over some demos - one track in particular which will be coming out early 2024 (keep your eyes and ears open for this one), along with a recorded mix that was looking for a home. Enter our 22nd edition of rcSessions.

As I am starting to kick off the news/editorial section of our website, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me to shoot some questions over to Adam to coincide with the mix being published. Press play on the mix, kick your feet up and get to know Adamson a little more below:

Imagine you're shooting through the flashing interior of a giant pinball machine. Imagine the theme of this machine is changing every time you bounce off one of its slingshots and kickers, from Star Wars to Pink Panther, from Mad Max to He-Man. Imagine your head feels as if every cavity inside it is filled with a fizzy, hi-proof drink while you're being catapulted through this kaleidoscopic trip. Well, now you got an idea what it feels like when Adamson takes over.

Considering his German-Polish-Spanish roots and the vast bandwidth of genres he's been releasing as a producer and performing as a DJ and live act (@alic) since 2001, there's only one label that fits his highly dynamic style: 🦎 Chameleon Techno 🦎

Just like that animal, Adamson adapts to the different vibes of a dancefloor and the ever evolving environment of today’s music landscape – and just like that animal he’s pretty funky and alien. Running a label since 2007 (@digital-diamonds-netlabel), Adamson is tirelessly digging the underground for fresh talents and new trends. Some of them he curates on @psychedelictechnooutpost. In other words, he’s always good for a musical surprise and an unexpected twist.

Can you share the inspiration behind your latest 'rcSessions' mixtape and what listeners can expect from this mix?

A: Thanks for the invite. My mixtape for rcSessions is an extra delicious selection of „sugar tracks“ that have always been a huge inspiration for groovy and energetic daytime music during many years. I recorded this set spontaneously at home on Traktor after having a glass of wine. I think this set has a really cool and organic flow. Also I played around with some FX.

Your style has been described as 'Chameleon Techno.' How do you navigate and adapt to the different vibes of a dancefloor and the ever-changing music landscape?

Mainly that depends on the playtime and the energy on the floor. I intend to read the body language of the crowd and from there I take them on a journey. Like every good story, I intend to build up an arc of tension in my sets, to keep the flow vivid and suspenseful, so people stay curious about  what’s coming next.

You’re known for musical surprises and unexpected twists. How do you keep your sound fresh and continue to surprise your audience?

In a nutshell: My approach is to deliver unique quality sets and follow my personal musical benchmarks. And I love to combine different styles that seem not to match together at the first sight.

Starting as a raver and transitioning into a DJ and producer, how has your experience on the dance floor influenced your approach to creating music?

You need to feel the music.. especially you need to feel  the bass in your body.

You’ve been part of the Psy-Techno Duo Alic and have explored various styles in your solo projects. How do you balance these different musical personas?

My main focus lies on our Digital Diamonds label and my Adamson solo-project. Adam Andaluz is a fun project that was super freestyle Groovy Space Music until recently, but now getting more into groovy and spacy Downtempo and Slowtech. Alic is currently on hold productionwise, but we’re still in for some dj sets or podcasts.

Having performed all over the world, from South America to Burning Man, how have these experiences shaped your music and performances?

It showed me to follow my own musical path, passion and instincts. I don’t really care about hype or trends; I follow the sound that touches me and that I resonate with.

When preparing for a set, what’s your process in selecting and arranging tracks to create that perfect flow?

It depends on the playtime, what types of tracks I select. Usually I select like the first 2, 3 tracks in advance to have a starting point, from there I just go with the vibe and the flow. Unless it’s a really important gig for me, I’m very picky and prepare the full set completely and do like 1001 rehearsals, until every transition fit’s like “ass on bucket”. But most of the time things turn out different than you plan. So sometimes it’s healthy to leave the mental cinema aside and to just enjoy the here and now.

With the rapid evolution of music technology, how do you incorporate new tools and techniques into your production process?

Tonal balancer

Your performances are known for their intensity and personal connection. How do you prepare mentally and emotionally for a live performance?

I stay sober and focused before my gigs.. until I play the first track. Then I‘m totally (into) music and just let the magic happen. After my sets usually I need some minutes to decompress and "come back down to Earth“.

As someone who’s always exploring new sounds and techniques, what are some trends or directions in electronic music that excite you right now?

I‘m very excited that Psychedelic Techno finally is receiving the acknowledgment and interest it deserves!

Outside of music, what are your passions or interests, and how do they seep into your musical identity?

Multimedia production of learning contents, learning design and educational neuromarketing. There are a lot of overlapping topics, tools and methods.

Imagine the world a century from now. What role do you think music, and particularly electronic music, will play in that future society?

I really hope and wish that it will be a World Heritage and will be sent out on a platin vinyl with a Voyager 3 satellite.

What advice would you give to upcoming artists who aspire to make their mark in the electronic music scene?

Stay relaxed and true to yourself. Get enough sleep, be endurance and don’t take the music business too seriously… connect with "the right people“, ignore the wrong ones.

What can your fans look forward to in the future? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations you can share with us?

Currently I‘m working on some remixes for Code Therapy and Spintribe, but I aim to produce new original productions.. and am very excited about releasing my track “dirty Sampling” on Recovery Collective 🤫

PLUR, Adam


November 17, 2023




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