Not Here

Eleonora, Man Power, Boy Oh Boy, Bongani & Jydn

Many moons ago we released Eleonora's abstract electronica piece 'Not Here' as part of our Elegance compilation, a stand-out favourite record for us due to the unique character and energy.

Fast forward two years and we have brought her composition back to light and assembled an all-star cast of talented individuals, each with their own unique spin.

The release also features a bonus track titled 'Pictures' as a second original contribution from Eleonora that complements the package perfectly.

Eleonora is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to essence, flavour and originality. Her vocals have graced tracks from all corners, many of which you have probably heard or moved many a times to. Her original productions, on another level. A clear seamless blend of love for both live performance and electronic music, defying any genres and boundaries.

Man Power introduces the remix package with his fun, abstract and wonky interpretation. Boy Oh Boy follows with a deep and melodic remix rich in warm intertwined synth work. Bongani brings his driving minimal techno flavour to the plate with a stunning breakdown before JYDN drives it home with his punchy, progressive breaks remix.

A release stacked to the brim with work we have been ever so excited to share with you. We hope you enjoy.




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